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"The kayak is far and away the best one-man boat in existence." Fridtjof Nansen.


Classic sea kayak vs sit-on-top kayak


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Sea kayaking overview
Compared with other sports

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Section 1 - Equipment:
Equipment checklists
The sea kayak
Other kayaks
Kayak accessories
The paddle
Clothing, personal buoyancy, tow-belt
Distress signals & rescue
Repair, storage & maintenance
Kayak bow 
Section 2 - Technique:
Paddling your sea kayak
Kayaking on fast-moving water
Kayaks & surf
Rolling your kayak
Rafting-up & towing
Deep-water rescue & self-rescue
Sea kayak navigation
Organising a day-trip
Overnight trips
Kayaking safely:
- Cold shock, swim failure & hypothermia
- Getting run over
- Hand/arm over-use syndromes

- Dislocated shoulder

- Rockfall & icefall

- Solo kayaking
Kayaker rolling 
Section 3 - The Sea & The Weather:
Predicting the weather
Professional weather forecasts
Maritime weathercock 
Section 4 - Access & Environment:

Protecting the environment
Codes of practice

European otter 
Section 5 - Activities:
Courses & vacations in North America
Courses & vacations elsewhere
Tours, treks, races & raids
Meetings &symposia
Maritime festivals
Kayakers waving 
Section 6 - Retail Outlets:

Sea kayaks to fit adults
Sea kayaks to fit children
Surf kayaks
Fast touring kayaks
Sea kayak kits and plans
Online marine supply stores (fittings, rope and paint)
Materials for SOF (skin-on-frame) boats

Gemma in kayak kit 
Section 7 - Links to Other Websites
Section 8 - Table of Contents and Index
Section 9 - Articles about kayaking and nature




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